“Primmalai” means the great flowers. It offers a line of product for your body treatment and home well-being based on the benefits of the essences of indigenous tropical flowers. The all-year sun-drenched tropical climate and seasonal monsoon rain provides a perfect environment for lives.
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Bath and body

Refining and soothing body lotion

Infused with quality ingredients, our lotion soothes, rehydrates, and replenishes your skin to effectively boost radiance and smoothness. Designed for tropical climate, it provides a feather-light, but deeply nourishing, milky texture with long-lasting therapeutic scent. It is safe for the most concerned skin with unique formulation.

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Refreshing shower gel

“Delicate fresh foam, creating gentle refine lather from pure natural qualities for all skin types.”
With carefully selected natural cleanser, it gently cleanses and effectively conditions your skin
simultaneously without leaving any heavy residues. This formula rinses clean, yet leaves delicate and long-lasting tropical flower bouquet.

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Softening Body Polish

Self-warming polish delivers eye-proven result on skin.Extracted from five different indigenous varieties of rice, fueled with the most potent anti-oxidants to help exfoliate your skin, slough off dead skin cells, and rub away hard and flaky skin. Our exclusive non-abrasive black rice granulates prove anti-ageing properties.

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Holistic Booster Oil

This miracle oil can be used all over, anywhere, anytime, and for any beauty problem! The light texture and non-greasy formula is absorbed quickly into the skin. Instantly, every beauty problem is relieved! It can be used on its own, and/or together with your favorite beauty regimen. It’s totally safe for even the most demanding skin.

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This delivers fresh, soothing, yet invigorating bouquet of tropical flowers. Do expect

compliments from visitors to your house after it has become your signature of luxury.

Home fragrance