“Primmalai” means the great flowers. It offers a line of product for your body treatment and home well-being based on the benefits of the essences of indigenous tropical flowers. The all-year sun-drenched tropical climate and seasonal monsoon rain provides a perfect environment for lives.
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Holistic Booster Oil

Product Description
200 ml.
Holistic Booster Oil is the result of advanced hydrophilic dry oil technology. It is the first Primmalai’s universal oil; “miracle oil" molecules are blended together with natural extracts to render the product that can be used all over, anywhere, anytime, and for any beauty problem! The light texture and non-greasy formula is absorbed quickly into the skin. Immediately, every beauty problem is relieved. “Holistic Booster Oil” can be used on its own, and/or together with your favorite beauty regimen.

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